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Product Code: UT595

Price: €795.70 (Incl Vat)

Product Description:

Main Features

  • Certifications: CE, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • LCD Display: 9999-count with an analog bar for detailed readings.
  • Insulation Resistance Test: 250V~1000V DC test for insulation resistance.
  • Earth-Resistance Continuity Test: 200mA test for continuity in earth resistance.
  • Loop Impedance/PFC/PSC Test: Comprehensive testing for loop impedance and prospective fault/current.
  • Lock Test: Functionality to lock in specific test parameters.
  • RCD Trip Time Test: Measures the Residual Current Device trip time with one-key data storage.
  • Test Modes: Full/Half wave and countdown (30s) modes for flexibility.
  • Phase Angle Option: 0°/180° option to detect the fastest trigger time.
  • Trip Current Test: Measures RCD trip time X2 and RCD trip trigger current.
  • Phase Sequence and Missing Test: Ensures correct phase connections.
  • AC/DC Voltage Auto Check: Automatic checking and testing of AC/DC voltages.
  • Connection Check: Real-time display of connection status.
  • Backlight: White backlight for improved visibility.
  • Auto Power Off: Conserves battery with automatic power-off feature.


Insulation resistance Ω     
Test voltage   0.05 MΩ to 250 MΩ
Test voltage 500 V   0.05 MΩ to 500 MΩ
Test voltage 1000 V   0.05 MΩ to 1000 MΩ
Measuring accuracy 0.05 MΩ to 1000 MΩ   ±(5% + 5)
Short Circuit Current   <2 mA
Low-Resistance Continuity Test    
Range   0.00 to 199Ω ±(2% + 5)
Test Current   0.00 to 2Ω: >200mA
Line Impedance Ω    
Range   0.01Ω to 2000Ω ±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)   230V (45Hz to 65Hz)
Test Current   20A
PFC Test   0kA to 26kA
Loop Impedance Ω    
Range   0.01Ω to 2000Ω ±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)   195V to 253V (45Hz to 65Hz)
Test Current   20A
PFC Test   0kA to 26kA
Non-Trip Impedance Ω    
1.00Ω to 2000Ω ±(5%+5)
Operating voltage (Frequency)   195V to 253V (45Hz to 65Hz)
Test Current   15mA
PFC Test   0kA to 26kA
RCD Test    
Operating voltage (Frequency)   195V to 253V (45Hz to 65Hz)
Test Current   10mA / 30mA / 100mA /
    300mA / 500mA ±10%
Trip time    
    ×1/2 *I△n Range: 0ms to 2000ms
    ×1 *I△n Range: 0ms to300ms
    ×1 *I△n Range: 0ms to 500ms &
    (Select count down)
    ×2 *I△n Range: 0ms to 150ms
    ×2 *I△n Range: 0ms to 200ms &
    (Select count down)
    ×5 *I△n Range: 0ms to 40ms
Trip Time Accuracy   ±(5%+5)
Phase sequence test    
Operating voltage (Frequency)   100V to 440V (45Hz to 65Hz)
Display   Phase sequence: L1→ L2→ L3,
    forward rotation
    Phase sequence: L1→ L3→ L2,
    reverse rotation
Ramp RCD test    
Test Current   10mA / 30mA / 100mA /
    300mA / 500mA ±10%
AC Voltage    
Range   0 to 440V ±(5%+2)
Frequency response   45Hz to 60Hz
Resolution   1V
Display Count   9999
Auto Power Off   Yes
Low Battery Indication   Yes
Data Storage   Yes
LCD Backlight   Yes
Auto Half-Wave Test   Yes
RCD Count Down Test   30s
RCD Half-Wave Test   Yes
Phase Conversion (RCD)   0° and 180°
General Characteristics    
Power   1.5V battery (5#) × 6
LCD size
125 x 37mm
Product Color   Red and grey
Product Net Weight   1000g
Product Size   210 x 175 x 90 mm
Standard accessories   Battery, test leads
    (red×1, green×1, black×1)
    Special power test lead
    Remote-control test lead